Summer Term is Winding Down: Projects Part III

It's the last week of Summer classes here at FSTM, and our Freshman cohort will be Juniors when they return in the Fall to start Year Two of their midwifery education. Year One has flown by, and we couldn't be more proud of this stellar group of student midwives!

For their third and final Reproductive A&P projects, students were to construct a labeled drawing/or drawings showing the passage of the fetal head in relation to the female boney pelvis at five stages of descent from early labor to birth, starting with an LOA presentation.

Included will be: 1) the cardinal movements, 2) pelvic station, 3) an inferior view of the pelvis showing the baby’s head, 4) cervical dilation with sutures. Numbers 2 through 4 above must be depicted in relationship to the corresponding cardinal movement.

Sage Cohort - Summer 2018